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Educational Background:

B.A. Psychology -University of California/Berkeley

M.A. Counseling and Guidance - California Polytechnic State University/San Luis Obispo

M.A. Clinical Psychology - The Fielding Institute/Santa Barbara, California

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology - The Fielding Institute/Santa Barbara, California

Philosophy:  Existential, centering on the individual as s/he is in the present – within certain limits, man has the

freedom and responsibility to choose, to make decisions and experience the consequences, to find his own

meaning in life.

Tools: Transactional Analysis (TA), Gestalt, Rational Emotive Therapy and Reality Therapy, Cognitive Therapy,

Couple’s Therapy, Bibliotherapy -- whatever assists my clients to reach their goals.

Personal Background and Experience: I have been married to my husband for a half century and together

we have raised five sons.  My family has taught me much and provided me with a “real life laboratory” in which to

apply new and practical ideas in human relations.  I went back to school at mid-life, and have 30 years

experience working at a mental health center, a psychiatric hospital, and an alcohol and drug facility, as well

as in private practice.  In addition, I was privileged to work with Hospice volunteers and staff for over a decade.




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